Trading Signals is a tool considered to be one of the most effective ways for a trader to decide on when to open or close a position depending on the asset(s) he or she is trading. These signals are provided by an independent, third­party provider in order for you to receive analysis from a team of specialist independent of iBrokers.Trade.

What are Trading Signals?

the short definition is they are simple up or down arrows forecasting whether the price of an asset will rise or fall. If you’re trading Foreign Currencies, Commodities or Indices, your decision on whether or not the time is right to open or close a position will be made on any number of variables. However, the simplest tool to use is one which indicates the direction of the value.

For example:

1. Long EurUsd 1.1234 2. Stop loss 1.1200 3. Take profit: 1.1310 4. Gold strong buy zone 1.325 5. Target zone 1.375 6. Stop out zone 1.250

Trading Signals should be a significant part of your trading strategy because of their simplicity, ability to forecast the direction of value and relatively accurate reading of market conditions. To learn more about Trading Signals, fill up the Contact Us form below and speak with a Signals Specialist.

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