Different traders have different trading styles. It is therefore important for an FX company to provide trading platforms that will reflect the needs of its traders. That is exactly what we do at iBrokers. We offer our traders with multiple options to choose from.

What are our Trading Platforms?

Unlike other FX companies, we have two distinct trading platforms for our traders to choose from. Most FX companies usually rely only on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. For us, we provide the MT4 platform and a Mobile Trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 Platform

This is the most popular trading platform in the world of FX. The platform is ideal for both new and experienced traders. In an MT4 platform, you can trade currency, commodities and binary options. Features of MT4 platform • Advanced charting: you can enjoy advanced charting options on this platform. • Expert Advisors: traders here have the ability to use EAs in making their trading features. • Customizable Indicators: there are also customizable indicators that make your trading experience easier and more effective.

Mobile Trading

With the growing trend of smartphone users, we have swiftly adapted to offer a new platform that allows traders to use their mobile devices to make their normal trading. There are a number of online trading platforms that you can choose from. The platform that you choose is dependent on a number of factors such as your mobile device and personal preference. We cater for the different mobile devices covering all the major operating systems including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. Features • Click on the go: one of the major features of mobile trading is that it allows you to operate your trading account while on the go. • Easy to use: the technology used is quite easy for you to use.

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