iBrokers.Trade is proud of offering complete personalization of your online trading experience ¬ in fact, we are one of a handful of brokers who offer our clients the option of personalizing their trading terms and conditions.

What does this actually mean? How does it benefit me?

Basically, the majority of brokers offer non¬negotiable terms and conditions for all clients regardless of their level of skill; whether their beginners, professionals or are trading at an advanced level, most brokers offer all their clients a one¬size fits all “term sheet” even though the difference between a beginner and an advanced trader is definitely not a one size fits all type of difference but a difference that requires personalization in order to help every client achieve their goals.

Since the majority of brokers don’t view their clients as clients but as numbers attached to an account, they offer the same “term sheet” for all clients which is an agreement that sets the terms and conditions for all transactions. Once the agreement is reached on the details within the “term sheet”, a formal contract is drawn up and both parties sign.

But that’s not the case when it comes to you and most brokers, is it?

No agreement is reached between you and the broker BECAUSE the terms and conditions are usually NON­NEGOTIABLE… or, in other words, are not up for discussion. They were not, and are not, personalized to suit your needs. They are offered as is ­ which is a template that sets the terms beneficial to the broker in which you must either sign or decline.

At iBrokers.The trade we’re doing things different

Just as our logo states, we mean what we say down to the very nature of the way we treat our clients. To us, you’re not a number attached to an account but an investor who is either just beginning to trade, a trader with experience investing in the market or an investor with advanced knowledge of the markets and trading skills, techniques and capabilities.

As our client it is of the utmost importance you speak with an Account Specialist who will answer any and all questions regarding your trading terms and conditions, and together you will customize the agreement so that it suits your needs and lays the foundation for a successful trading experience.

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