Do you have a money managing business? Would you wish to expand your business to great heights? If your answer is yes, then iBrokers offers the best solution for you.

Build your money management business through iBrokers

The iBrokers Manager program is the best solution to money managers seeking to establish their fund, expand their client base and do that which they do best- trading- without looking at the back-office and technological logistics that can drag them behind. At iBrokers, we take care of the back-office and technological logistics while you keep on trading and expanding your business. With the enhanced features of our Money Manager program, you can enjoy an easy access to money managing business. We also offer greater levels of controls that will make your work easier and more interesting.

Money Managers Program Benefits

Unlimited Number of Accounts to Manage with pro PAMM system. We have no limit to the number of accounts that you can manage. In our program, we offer money managers an unlimited number of accounts to manage. This means that you can make more money if you get more accounts to manage. Trade on Any Platform- Desktop MT4 or Mobile MT4. As our partner, you will be allowed to make your trading using any of the platforms available. There is no platform available on our website that our money managers cannot use.

Numerous Allocation Methods

We also offer numerous allocation methods to our partners acting as money managers. Electronic Limited Power of Attorney. You can add clients on board very quickly since we offer an electronic LPOA. This makes it easy to keep clients on board.

Do you have a successful trading result?

We can leverage your business and expose your money managing skills to other clients. Expand your business to new levels of income. The financial benefits of becoming an iBrokers Money Manager are limitless. This could be your great start to making a lot of cash. Want more information about the iBrokers Money Manager Program? Simply fill out the form below and our Institutional Representative will contact you with additional information about becoming an iBrokers Money Manager.

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