In a world where news breaks around­the­clock, seven days a week, having access to news is critical to your successful trading; however, with so much news delivered constantly, what should be a positive is often times a negative because 95% of the news might have no relevance to the assets you’re trading. We at iBrokers.Trade is proud to have coined the term RED ­NOISE.   Our definition of red­noise is simple: red­noise is any news item ­ regardless of how it’s delivered to you, i.e., through the T.V. or on a mobile device ­ which DOES NOT affect the asset(s) you’re trading. As such, news which you tell us is red­noise is 1.A waste of your time which directly (negatively) results in your bottom­line 2.A distraction from the news you need which affects your trading strategy 3.Missed opportunities to make a profit because you missed the news you needed due to 4.The flood of news which didn’t affect the assets you’re trading   At iBrokers.The trade we’ll wipe out the news you tell us is red­noise and deliver to you ONLY news which affects the assets you’re trading.

Examples based on three popular trading assets

Here is how wiping out all the red­noise you receive will focus your skills, save you time and help you prepare for the decisions you need to make whenever opportunities to make profit arise:


News you receive Oil­related PRs, OPEC releases, calendar reminders and updates about a scheduled oil­related event, breaking news regarding oil, etc. Possible actions to take Open or close a position, speak to Customer Support or an Analyst, Review the Education Center about Oil related items, etc.


News you receive Updates from the IMO (International Monetary Fund), Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly EUR and USD price fluctuations, scheduled European and U.S. Institutional data releases which affect value, e.g., the U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls release which are considered to be a key indicator of the U.S. economy’s health, etc. Possible actions to take Open or close a position, inquire about a FREE monthly funding promotion you might be eligible for, request an iBrokers’ support specialist to mark your personalized economic calendar with all EUR/ USD related events, get advice from Customer Support or an Analyst, Review the Education Center about EUR/ USD related items, etc.


News you receive In­depth history and analytical forecasts about the value of Gold (set to the parameters you choose, i.e., weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) Global coverage of R&D and mining. Summaries of Institutional events which affect the gold markets, etc. Possible actions to take Open or close a position. Decide on a strategy in regards to Gold which has both short and long­term profit generating potential. Ask about any gold­specific promotions. Speak to an analyst. Visit and learn about Gold as a tradeable asset, etc.

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Education CenterEconomic CalendarFREE Monthly Promotions
Learn about GoldLearn about EUR/USDLearn about Oil

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