Some investors have the freedom ­ and luxury ­ of time: to learn about the markets, follow the news whenever news relating to their trading assets occur, and make profit­generating decisions at any point, thereby generating substantial income online. On the other hand, at iBrokers.The trade we offer a service called Managed Accounts. These are personalized investment portfolios which are tailored to the specific needs of the account holder.

All the money managing services are third party. Why do clients choose to use the Managed Accounts Service?

Managed Accounts are used by both beginners and advanced traders for various reasons. Whether it’s lack of time or having the peace of mind that your funds are being handled by a professional investor who is dedicated to generating profits 24/7 for the portfolios he or she manages, this service is a way to set goals and place the path to success in the hands a full-time investor with a proven track­record.

For more information about Managed Accounts

Like all services offered to you by iBrokers.Trade, the trading terms, and conditions of Managed Accounts are personalized per your requirements. For more details, Contact a Managed Account Specialist and receive the answers you need to decide whether you want to have your portfolio handled by a Managed Account Specialist.

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