At iBrokers, we have a variety of partnership programs that are meant to cater for the different needs of our partners. One such partnership type is Introducing Brokers. This is a partnership type that is designed to compensate our referrers, also known as partners. Regardless of your experience or the number of new customers you bring in, we will offer a good compensation plan for you.

It through the word-of-mouth recommendations that iBroker has become a leading forex broker. The positive feedback that traders have been sending to us is greatly honored. If you are willing to spread the word about iBrokers and earn from it, then this Alliance program is well suited for you.

Primarily, we have two types of Alliance programs i.e. standard and professional.

Standard – iBrokers Alliance Account

A standard Alliance account is specially designed for traders who have enjoyed the benefits of trading with us and would like to invite their friends and family members. The account is also suitable for new Introducing Brokers.

Features • Freedom to choose on whether to earn a fixed amount for every referral or get your earning based on the trading activity of your referral • No setup fees or additional costs • Unlimited access to our marketing materials • There are no monthly minimum referrals for the fixed amount payout.

Professional – iBrokers Alliance Account

This is a special account designed for traders looking to refer more than ten clients.

Features • Generous compensation plans • Access to our back office and reporting tools • A detailed tracking system that allows you to see all the conversion rates, pending accounts, commissions and much more • A dedicated account manager with full customer support for any questions and professional advice • Easy withdrawal option.

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