If you’ve never traded before, Opening a Demo Trading Account allows you to use Virtual Funds to trade in Live market conditions. Demo Accounts are the closest you can get to trading with real funds except it is risk­free… and, therefore, you cannot generate profit.


Opening a Demo Account is a simple process and a Support Specialist is available to help you from the first step you take. The positive aspect of a Demo Account is it allows you to create or sharpen a trading strategy BUT the negative aspect is that you mustn’t be caught up in the activity without actually generating any profit.


Consider opening a profitable Demo position and seeing how much income you earned… and then remembering that virtual income has no value in the real world.

To Open a Demo Trading Account, fill in your details:


Use a Demo Account for a short period in order to get comfortable with your trading platform. Once you’re comfortable and confident, Open a Live Trading Account, get a FREE Welcome Bonus (which is Free trading funds) and start generating REAL income online!