Equality for All

As a believer in an equal playing field for all traders ­ be they beginners trading from home as a means to earn additional income to the most advanced traders who have turned online trading into a full­time career ­ Mr.Timo founded iBrokers.Trade with the belief that different traders require different solutions in order to “level the playing field” and achieve their trading goals. With that in mind, the cornerstones on which iBrokers is founded upon are:

The best trading environment from all aspects.

  • Personalized service and support
  • Personalized trading terms and conditions
  • Personalized educational resources
  • Personalized tools within a dynamic platform adjusted to one’s skills and needs

With the obvious keyword being personalized, once you take out the notion that “one size fits all” and provide traders with the ability to personalize every aspect of their trading experience, you substantially increase the opportunity to succeed by eliminating much of the data and irrelevant tools, information or whatever it may be which stands in the way of countless traders who simply stop trading because they cannot understand the basic logic of the markets or have the personalized service, analysis and support they need to help guide them until they’re comfortable and confident to trade successfully.


Even under adverse circumstances such as The Great Recession of ‘08, Mr.Timo led his company through a commitment to the future and a belief that even during the best of times, in order to ensure the well being and trust that his clients and the employees working for the clients under his leadership are taken care of, one must be prepared for the worst; and so, through ‘08 and to this ­date, while many companies fell victim to the global recession his team weathered the storm and has come out better and stronger from it. “Leadership is looking not just at the here and now but what might be,” says Mr.Timo, “so that those who put their trust in our team before, during and after any harsh times come out on top, and because of this we continue to earn their trust.” Mr. Timo believes in several key leadership traits which are invaluable to leading a team and expanding a business:

Relationships Matter

Whether it is the relationship between a client and an analyst or the relationship between iBrokers and an independent service provider such as a firm which generates Trading Signals, fostering a mutually­ beneficial relationship is in the best interest of all.

Communication is Key

Communicating is key to building trust between all parties. That’s why releasing statements to our clients, Press Releases through the media and even letters such as this is an important aspect of building on the trust we believe is of vital importance to the health of our company and the success of our clients and partners.

Credible Inspiration

Releasing a statement that is inspirational in meaning yet has no credible value is simply words with no value. Credible Inspiration is being able to inspire one’s team so that they, in turn, may further inspire their client­base to aim for success and accept nothing less. Not because we say they can succeed ­ but because we’ve built a team that’s dedicated, willing and able to guide them along the way to achieving the goals they set for themselves.

We value anything and everything you have to say and invite you to connect with us and share your thoughts so that we may improve our business in order to create the best trading environment we can!

_____ _____ _____ _____ Fillip Slipko, COO