My wife gave me 6 months to try earning income online. The 6 months just past. So we did the math. On average I'm up 1,375.25 USD a month (after subtracting any losses). Now she wants to trade to so I gave her iBroker's Customer Support number and 1,000 USD to start!
David Rosenhan
It's heart-beating, fist-clenching, gotta' gotta' breathe, feels like forever yet it's been just a second, or sometimes an hour flies by in a second. Trading FX is not just about money. It's also about freedom and excitement!
John Hartson
New Zealand
3 weeks ago I didn't know what MT4 was or how analysis can help me make profit. But with support from iBroker's and their education center, today I use MT4 + analysis to make smarter trading choices!
Brad Smith
I needed 500 EUROs for a tune-up. With my past brokers, withdrawing funds took about a month so I asked iBrokers ASAP... and got money in my hands before having time to schedule the tune-up!
Ahmad Alharthi
Saudi Arabia
iBrokers taught me how to use tools in my platform to do everything I want. But was I appreciated most: they taught me about a tool to minimize my risk. And I didn't even ask about it. Since then they're the only broker I recommend.
Oleg Kozakov
I'm not a millionaire yet. I still have a very very VERY long way to go. But that's the goal. I've had some losses but made more in profit. And tomorrow, I plan on making this my full-time job... from the comfort of my home.
Greg Ferguson
I get excited every time I trade FX. I don't always win but I lose even less. Just like Jaime, my guy at iBrokers once said, "Trade for the long-run." I've been trading since 2008.
Jack Lee
Hong Kong
Last week I earned 248.84 EURs and I'm thrilled! Because last week was my first week trading BUT it wasn't luck. I studied for 2 months and used a Demo account before trading real funds!
Matthias Zimmermann
iBrokers.Trade customizes everything from what news I get to my platform to even my trading terms. As a 10-year trader, that's the broker I need to help me succeed.
Ian Shift