Never Miss an Opportunity: Let Auto Trading Trade on Your Behalf

There are many reasons why over 60% of trading volume is AutoTrading and why traders choose to trade using Auto Trading. Among these reasons are:

The ability to save time by letting the platform trade based on your strategy and the parameters you set

The ability to profit from opportunities which occur when you are not watching the market

Reduce impulse trading and increase your odds of success

Auto Trading is the best solution to avoid psychological impulse action and generate profit from data­based logical, analytical action .

iBrokers.Trade offers a full range of services which allows you to use Auto Trading (EA) at the most optimized level. Such services include but are not limited to:

1.Reviewing a “strategy bank” to help you choose proven strategies for semi automatic

trading (generating for your tools and signals).

2.Access to our MQL Tech Support who can program your platform with the strategy you

choose or use our MQL4 programming team.

3.Customizable trading conditions for different auto strategies.

Back­testing with historical data feed.

Immediate execution, deep liquidity for large trade size.

Auto Trading is used by beginners, professionals and advanced traders for many of the above mentioned reasons and more.

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