A Beginner’s Guide to Trading

At iBrokers.The trade we recognize the markets might seem intimidating to new traders. With so much information, analytical data and constantly changing technology, who wouldn’t be intimidated?

The most successful trader started out as a beginner

Before trading at an advanced level, just like you, everyone starts off as a beginner; as such, creating a solid foundation is of the utmost importance to achieving your goals. That is why we designed a phase‐ by‐phase guide to take you from a beginner trader to a trader taking advantage of the markets at an advanced level.

A Foundation for Successful Trading

The Fundamental Building Blocks for Beginner Traders Below are The FOUR Building Blocks for beginners to follow which will create a revenue stream for the duration of their trading career. By understanding that as a beginner the more we can simplify the process the easier the process becomes, we’re not just providing you with information but giving you the action­item you need to take in order to advance to trading at a professional level. At any time you can Contact Support with any questions, comments or concerns in order to assist your progress from a beginner to a professional trader.

Your FIRST Building Block: Knowledge

As everyone knows, knowledge is power. As such, in order to succeed in anything you do you first need to know what you’re doing. The iBrokers.Trade Education Academy contains all the knowledge and resources you’ll ever need in order to create a succesfull trading career.

How can I use the Education Academy to advance my career?

Use the Academy to gain all the knowledge you need. You don’t need to watch or read everything in order to start trading ­ you can earn as you learn by focusing on the resources in the “Beginners Section” as you start to trade.   Proceed at a pace that’s right for you and before you know it you’ll be trading with confidence!

Your Action­item:

Your SECOND Building Block: Your Trading Platform

The key to the markets is your trading platform. It’s dynamic, user­friendly yet packed

with powerful tools. In order to take the complication out of this powerful tool, a

beginner’s Platform Tutor is available to explain everything you need to know.

The platform is so powerful it’ll take me months to learn all about it.

I’d rather use my time to earn income.

That’s exactly what you should be doing. And we’ll help you do that by providing you with a Tutor who is trained to help beginners understand our platform.

Your Action­item:

Your THIRD Building Block: Hot Information & Breaking News

You can earn profit whenever news breaks or events occur which affect the asset(s) you’re trading.

How can I use this information to earn?

If you’re trading: The EUR/ USD (FX) then Greece generates daily profit opportunities. Whenever it’s in the headlines the Euro’s value takes a hit which is your window to profit. The price of Gold has been skydiving. Which means eventually it’ll hit bottom and start to rise. You can earn as it falls AND when it rises. OPEC releases monthly statements which always affect the price of Oil. We’ll personalize your calendar so you’re ready to trade whenever OPEC speaks to the press.

Your Action­item:

Your FOURTH Building Block: Your Support Team

Every trader is different therefore different types of support is required. As such you should get to know Your Support Team ­ they’re trained to help Beginners transition into Experienced traders.

How will they do this?

With years of experience and a proven track­record, the support team is trained to guide you with in­depth knowledge of what beginners need to know in order to successfully advance and achieve their goals.

Your Action­item:

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